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About pittsburgh.net

pittsburgh.net is Pittsburgh's largest regional online directory featuring an eclectic mix of information as diverse as the city itself. No matter what your interests, you'll find it here through an extensive list of the city's restaurants, museums, theaters, shops, parks and nightspots. You can also use this site to explore Pittsburgh's neighborhoods and ethnic communities, learn interesting Pittsburgh facts, or send free postcards of the city to family and friends. Whatever your choice, be sure to bookmark this site today and make pittsburgh.net your complete guide to Pittsburgh information, travel, sports, and entertainment!

pittsburgh.net is a gift from Elliance to The City of Pittsburgh and its residents. Use it freely with our best wishes!

Our Mission

Create the largest, most eclectic mix of online regional content to meet the diverse needs and interests of Pittsburgh residents.

Elliance: Who we are

Elliance provides advertising agencies with strategic eBusiness technology and Internet solutions designed to build their client's business. With headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, Elliance has forged numerous agency partnerships nationwide and works directly with companies at their varied locations via satellite, web-based communication tools and on-site project meetings.

Elliance is made up of a seasoned staff including senior management personnel, information technology professionals, new media architects, digital marketing strategists, eBusiness consultants and new media designers.

Site History

Originally developed in 1995, pittsburgh.net was the first official web site created for The City of Pittsburgh. Sponsored by The City of Pittsburgh, City Source, Penn's Southwest and hundreds of advertisers, the site contained the largest amount of regional content of its kind and even featured a video presentation highlighting the city's business, educational and cultural communities.

Today, pittsburgh.net continues to provide its visitors with the largest and most eclectic mix of regional information, addressing the interests of everyone from residents and travelers to singles, seniors and families. And now, as Pittsburgh enjoys its latest renaissance, pittsburgh.net will be there to keep visitors informed and educated on what this beautiful city has to offer.
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