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Downtown Pittsburgh

Yes, truly the heart of Pittsburgh. Is it just like every other city's downtown? Not really. Sure, it has the skyscrapers, the subway, the government buildings and the Convention Center, but it has its own unique personality too.

The looming black Steel Building stands tallest on the horizon, keeping watch over its lessor neighbors. The futuristic One Oxford Centre (we used to call it the Jetson's Building) shows the first signs of the Pittsburgh Renaissance, when we left the smoky city behind and headed for high technology. PPG's mystical gothic glass castle, an innovative architectural design by Philip Johnson, reflects Pittsburgh's changing culture, creativity and corporate success.

Besides business and government, the Downtown area also offers diverse cultural entertainment. From the classics to cutting-edge contemporary, The Benedum Center, the Byham Theater and Heinz Hall feature Broadway musicals and shows, dance performances, national and international tours, and local special events and performances. For film buffs, The Harris Theater offers alternative and foreign films. Addicted to art? There are also plenty of galleries.

If visiting downtown, a must-see is the Strip District. Another multi-ethnic community, the Strip is lined with fresh produce markets, wholesale stores, restaurants and coffee shops that hustle and bustle all day long. It's also home to the Senator John Heinz Regional History Center, a history museum for the Western Pennsylvania region. Come nightfall, the Strip comes alive with a night life as varied as its shops and markets.

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